Random Portraits…

random portraits


I usually end up to chatting to someone about something and often end up taking their portraits relative to their interests. I was stood in a bookshop in Halifax Piece Hall looking through the photography section and earwigging on this chap’s conversation with another customer. I’m not quite sure what the customer was after but the shop owner took him to various shelves in order to help him out. Finally, the customer left empty-handed after having the owner’s attention for nearly 20 minutes.I got chatting to him and it turns out he was a Baron of some-sort. I was more impressed that he knew so much about the books he had, given there are thousands of them  !

I’d recently bought a Metz flashgun from this guy off Ebay and arranged to pick it up from his place. Although he wasn’t a snapper, he’d come across this Metz kit which intrigued me. After chatting for a while I wanted to test out the flash so I dug some kit out of the car and Jon was up having his pic done so. He was living in an outbuilding which had a caravan of sorts bolted to it. We were stood of the foundations of the house he was building as he told me about each room and how it was going to look when finished. I can admire anyone who is prepared to slum it for a bit whilst building their dream house but it was the sheds that I was most interested in. Jon talked about how he’d put them together for next to nothing and made them very cosy indeed given they were on the edge of a field in full mercy of the winds.  I got back home and decided to do some more portraits so I nipped down to my local woods with a mini-project idea of snapping dog-walkers. I like that idea that owners are like the dogs they choose because sometimes, they’re is an element of truth in it. I was explaining my mini-project to this guy when his dog Oscar decided to have a nosey in my camera bag. Oscar’s head disappeared inside the bag and left behind copious amounts of slavver and snot. As I shot a few frames off, the guy got his mobile out and phoned a friend who turned out to be a professional dog-walker and was on her way day down with a dozen hounds. Although this wasn’t quite what I had in mind for the project or my camera bag, it was a great opportunity to play with the Metz. Unfortunately, I got a bit carried away and was firing away like crazy. My new toy made one last ‘crack’ and emitted a tiny puff of smoke and was dead !


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