Patina, texture and detail…

When it comes to magpie-ing, that noble art of spotting something for nothing, wanting something for no reason other than you like it and you want to stare at it forever, then you cannae go wrong with patina, texture and detail. When my lad was much younger, we’d go walking around the local woods and fill our pockets with funny shaped stones, bits of old wood or metal with weathered holes and beautifully-patterned leaves. I did this before he was born and now he’s flown the nest, I still do it, foraging for stuff with interesting patina. A local reclamation yard had these pallet-wood, planter boxes for a fiver each and a local charity shop warehouse had random objects that were full of life; I couldn’t resist !

However, patina, texture and detail need a foil to show them off and since it was lunchtime, I went off on one and raided the fridge !




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